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Table of Contents: Clinical Leadership






Clinical leadership – the what, why and how David Griffiths, Catherine Sheehan, Safia Debar, Ben Ayres and David Colin-Thomé

Overview of healthcare in Britain – from before the NHS to today

Medicine before the NHS John Butler

A brief history of the NHS Nemonique Sam and Benjamin M. Thomas

The present NHS Erik Mayer, Benjamin Thomas and Paul Corrigan

What do you need to know to become an effective clinical leader?

Teamworking and clinical leadership Emma Stanton and Clare Chapman

Personality and leadership Colin Bicknell and Emma Soane

Ethics and clinical leadership Robert Elias

Education and training for clinical leadership Bob Klaber and David Bridle

Stepping outside standard clinical training Claire Lemer

MBA or not? Claire Woolcock

Practical tips for clinicians

Survival skills for leadership Daniel Richard Leff and Penny Humphris

Conflict resolution and negotiation for leadership Priya Agrawal and Leonard Marcus

Developing future clinical leaders Oliver Warren and Ruth Carnall

Leadership and global health Rebecca Syed Sheriff and Andrew J. M. Leather

Clinical leadership: bringing the strands together James Mountford

Some acronyms demystified