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  • Aims to provide support and inspiration to others whose aim is to build a more unified healthcare system that delivers high-quality care with minimal waste
  • Co-authorship combines the passionate views of junior doctors with the extensive experience of senior leaders
  • Foreword written by Lord Darzi



Clinical Leadership: Bridging the divide aims to provide a better understanding of the key topics surrounding clinical leadership today and provides practical tips and advice on ways to make your organisation function better to deliver higher quality, more efficient patient care. It was also written in the hope that it will shed light on many of the conundrums of the health service.


Scope and contents

This book is the first to provide a comprehensive and inspiring overview of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for effective clinical leadership today. It reflects the growing emphasis on quality of care and clinicians' role in building and running great services as outlined in the National Health Services' Next Stage Review.


About the authors

This book is unique in that it is written by junior doctors who are all passionate to develop as leaders, in combination with senior leaders who have extensive experience of leadership. The authors are a group of specialist registrars, selected to participate in NHS London's 2008 'Prepare to Lead' scheme. Through this scheme, each junior doctor was matched with a senior leader from within the NHS who became their mentor. This book presents challenges and lessons they encountered in their efforts to be effective future leaders.



Relevant to clinicians of all professional backgrounds and for health care managers and policymakers. 



Table of Contents







Clinical leadership – the what, why and how David Griffiths, Catherine Sheehan, Safia Debar, Ben Ayres and David Colin-Thomé

PART 1  Overview of healthcare in Britain – from before the NHS to today

Chapter 1  Medicine before the NHS John Butler

Chapter 2  A brief history of the NHS Nemonique Sam and Benjamin M. Thomas

Chapter 3  The present NHS Erik Mayer, Benjamin Thomas and Paul Corrigan

PART 2  What do you need to know to become an effective clinical leader?

Chapter 4  Teamworking and clinical leadership Emma Stanton and Clare Chapman

Chapter 5  Personality and leadership Colin Bicknell and Emma Soane

Chapter 6  Ethics and clinical leadership Robert Elias

Chapter 7  Education and training for clinical leadership Bob Klaber and David Bridle

Chapter 8  Stepping outside standard clinical training Claire Lemer

Chapter 9  MBA or not? Claire Woolcock

PART 3  Practical tips for clinicians

Chapter 10  Survival skills for leadership Daniel Richard Leff and Penny Humphris

Chapter 11  Conflict resolution and negotiation for leadership Priya Agrawal and Leonard Marcus

Chapter 12  Developing future clinical leaders Oliver Warren and Ruth Carnall

Chapter 13  Leadership and global health Rebecca Syed Sheriff and Andrew J. M. Leather

Chapter 14  Clinical leadership: bringing the strands together James Mountford

Some acronyms demystified




"I believe this book will become essential reading for any clinician who wishes to learn more about leading within the NHS."  Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham, Professor of Surgery, Imperial College London.