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Empowerment Through Reflection 2nd Edition: A Guide For Healthcare Practitioners and Healthcare Teams

New edition of the successful reflective practice series by leading experts

Presents a highly accessible approach for any healthcare student to understand how reflective practice can be used to optimise their professional practice.

Presents principles for individuals and teams to become empowered in their work practice.

Table of Contents


Empowerment through reflection: Is this a case of the emperors new clothes? Tony Ghaye

Empowered Practitioners

Empowerment through fulfilment : enjoying what you do

Empowerment through participation : working with others

Empowerment through engagement : commitment to your organisation

Empowered teams

What is an empowered team?

Knowing your strengths

Putting your strengths to work each day

Empowerment and high performing teams

Daring to be rule breakers and doing things differently

Ageing and empowerment

Ageing and empowerment; Questions and dilemmas Ian Stewart- Hamilton

An ethic-of-empowerment: The role of new mobile ICTs in elderly care Anita Melander-Wikman


Creating cultures for empowerment

ISBN: 9781856424189