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Ethnicity and Healthcare Practice A Guide For the Primary Care Team

This book aims to provide:

  • A short overview of key issues in ethnicity and health

  • Provide practical suggestions and resources to healthcare providers

  • Explain issues to consider when working with ethnic communities in healthcare

  • Examples of practice to illustrate explanations

About the authors

Dr Lorraine Culley is Professor of Social Science and Health and Associate Director of the Mary Seacole Centre for Health Research at De Montfort University, Leicester. She is the Knowledge-Share Editor for the Journal of Diversity in Health and Care.

Dr Simon Dyson is Professor of Applied Sociology and Director of the Unit for the Social Study of Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell at De Montfort University,

Table of contents


Race, racism, ethnicity and culture

Ethnic groups in the UK

Managing diversity in healthcare practice

Language and communication support

Specific conditions

Disease in context: family and community

Mental health and substance use

Refugees and asylum seekers

Further resources


ISBN: 9781856423663