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Forensic Mental Health Nursing: Capabilities, Roles and Responsibilities

Published: November 2008

List of contributors


Introduction Alyson McGregor Kettles, Phil Woods and Richard Byrt

The role of education Helen Walker;

Nurse consultants in forensic mental health care in Scotland David Langton

Equality and diversity: Respecting the person with a learning disability Mary A Addo and Ian Smith

Power and participation in forensic services: An introduction Richard Byrt

Negative control or life saving? Perspectives on power Richard Byrt

Patient empowerment and participation: Barriers and the way forward Richard Byrt, Linda Hart and Linnette James-Sow

Role of the forensic mental health nurse in nutrition: Towards recovery Gillian Archibald

Assessment, management and treatment of sex offenders Paul Burbery and Mohammed Khoshdel

Risk assessment, measurement and management Phil Woods

Creative anger management: An overview Stuart Bowness, Richard Byrt, Romanus Ngeh, Lauren Mason and Cathy Wray

Creative anger management: Patients; views and experiences Bede, Colm, Algy, Dirk, Ezra, Ferg and Richard Byrt

Mental health and substance use: Problems within forensic practice Mick Adams and Leah Evans

Forensic community mental health nursing Michael Coffey and Richard Jones

Managing a forensic mental health organisation Gavin Garman and Fomayi Saliki

Mental health nursing in prison: A time for change in role Graham Durcan

Management of therapeutic boundaries Cindy Peternelj-Taylor and Penny Schafer

Conclusions: Themes, action and research for the future

Richard Byrt, Alyson McGregor Kettles and Phil Woods


ISBN: 9781856423625