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Fundamental Aspects of Caring For The Acutely Ill Adult

Published: April 2006

This simple, concise book covers:

  • Why physiological factors change and how actions by the ward nurse can improve patient outcomes

  • Sepsis

  • Shock

  • Pain management

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Central line management

  • Cardiac monitoring

  • Patient assessment

Using diagrams and flow charts as well as highlighted learning points, it provides a simple and concise approach that offers readers an opportunity to put
theory into practice and directly improve outcome in the critically ill adult.

About the author

Pauleen Pratt is a Consultant Nurse in Critical Care at the University Hospital of Leicester.

List of Contents

List of figures

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Chapter 1 - Patient assessment ; Pauleen Pratt

Chapter 2 - Respiratory care; Pauleen Pratt and Alison Bricknell

Chapter 3 - Cardiovascular care; Pauleen Pratt

Chapter 4 Nrurological care; Pauleen Pratt

Chapter 5 - Renal care; Pauleen Pratt

Chapter 6 - Gastrointestinal care; Pauleen Pratt

Chapter 7 - Nutrition; John Kennedy;

Chapter 8 - Pain management; Susan Daykin

Chapter 9 - Transfer of the acutely ill adult; Caroline Barclay




ISBN: 9781856422703