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Hand Reflexology: A Textbook For Students 2nd Edition

Scope and contents

Although many books have been written about reflexology, very few contain information on hand reflexology as a specific treatment in its own right. This book takes the student through the whole treatment, from taking details to follow-up homework for the client. Kristine Walker has taught hand reflexology to hundreds of people and has collected useful feedback from the students as well as interesting case studies submitted as part of her certificated courses. Hand reflexology is now an essential part of reflexology practitioner courses, being particularly useful in hospital and nursing home situations.

About the author

Kristine Walker is well known in the south of England and Ireland as a reflexology workshop facilitator. She was Research Co-Ordinator for the Association of Reflexologists for three years collecting useful research information from around the world. She writes regularly for magazines and natural therapy publications


Reflexology, hand reflexology;


Students and also easy to understand by patients and their partners themselves to achieve a satisfactory treatment

List of contents



1. Reflexology: the background to reflexology; the principles of reflexology; charts that help to explain reflexology; the supporting theories of reflexology

2. Before you start: observation skills; listening skills; major drug groups

3. The treatment: seating; assessment; opening movements; grips and supports; working techniques; the sequence; closing movements

4. The therapist: you, the therapist; the professional reflexologist; working with your own hands; being creative

5. All about the hands: anatomy; conditions affecting the hands; the meridians; the chakras; medical palmistry; chinese fingernail diagnosis; metamorphic technique; Jin Shin Jyutsu; aromatherapy

6. Research, case studies and working notes: case studies; occasions when hand reflexology is useful; hands versus feet; hands and feet together; referral areas or cross reflexes; healing crisis; research

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ISBN: 9781856422086