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Learning Journals and Critical Incidents 2nd Edition

Published: October 2006

Revised and updated to recognise the changes and developments in both theory and practice.

Illustrates how reflective practice can fulfil a need for all health care professionals to make sense of their clinical experience.

Represents a variety of models and classifies and critiques them.

Includes practical suggestions of their use, along with discussion of their advantages and limitations

Discusses the clinical implications of the principles and processes associated with reflective practice.

About the authors

Tony Ghaye is C.E.O of The Institute of Reflective Practice. He works to support reflective health care teams and build reflective organisations in the UK and Europe. He is Visiting Professor at the University of Wales. He is editor-in-chief of the peer reviewed journal Reflective Practice. Sue Lillyman is Senior Lecturer at the University of Central England, Birmingham and is a renown authority on reflection and reflective practice.

ISBN: 9781856423311