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Pioneering Theories in Nursing

Foreword Sir George Castledine

List of editors

List of contributors


How did we get here? The context for the development of the nursing profession: Overview Florence Nightingale Austyn Snowden Mary Seacole Sue Royce Isabel Robb Catherine Rae Faye Abdellah Betty Scholes

How do I do the job? Development of the knowledge and skills required in nursing: Overview Lydia Hall Elaine Stevens Barbara Carper Maria Pollard Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad Anne Kay Katherine Kolcaba John Atkinson and Yvonne Christley Ramona Mercer Lesley Storrie Patricia Benner Mary Milligan

How do I know what people need? Understanding the problem by reviewing the patients deficits and strengths:

Overview Virginia Henderson Brian Johnston Madeleine Leininger Yvonne Christley Ernestine Wiedenbach Linda Wylie Dorothea Orem Kenny Keegan Myra Levine Valerie Douglas Nancy Roper, Winifred W Logan and Alison J Tierney Lorraine Duers

Grand theories: How does this all fit together?

Overview Callista Roy Mandy Allison Betty Neuman Glenn Marland and Gerry McGhee Martha Rogers Stuart Milligan Margaret Newman Glenn Marland Rosemarie Parse Angela Kydd

What do you want me to do to help? Working in partnership: Overview Ida Orlando Boyd Thomson Imogene King Billy Mathers Moyra Allen Kathleen Duffy Anne Casey Raymond Duffy Hildegard Peplau Margaret M Brown Philip Barker Allan Donnell


ISBN: 9781856424004