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Psychosis: Stories of Recovery and Hope

This book aims to capture a range of individual stories about patients living with psychosis; it presents their illness history, personal circumstances and what makes their particular story of treatment and recovery so unique and inspiring.

Approximately 600,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with psychosis; however, many face discriminations about their condition and may not receive the best care. This book aims to provide a greater understanding of psychosis and present a positive outlook for patients and their carers.

The book will appeal to all health and social care professionals working in mental health as well as the general market e.g volunteers, carers, family and friends.

Presents individual stories by service users providing a personal account of their experience, the different healthcare approaches and their road to recovery. Highlights many of the specific difficulties faced by individuals with a diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia.

Explores recovery approaches and its implications for working with service users. Project funded by Guy's and St. Thomas' Charity.

Contributions by Dr Holloway, Dr Roberts and Dr Carson, who are leading specialists in the field on the clinical aspects of psychosis and recovery approaches. Illustrated throughout with photos of service users.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Understanding the Journey

  • What is Psychosis?

  • Recovery: The Long and Winding Road That Leads...?

  • Recovery and Personal Narratives

  • The Voice of Experience

  • Recovery's Shooting Star

  • From a Scribble to a Straight Line

  • Black, Proud and Beautiful

  • Finding Poetry in Psychosis

  • Writing Her Own Rules

  • Mental Health Revolutionary

  • A Psychologist's Progress

  • The Best in Me

  • Forging His Own Destiny

  • A Blessing in Disguise

  • A Positive Perspective on Psychosis

  • Reaching Great Heights of Recovery

  • The Confidence Builder

  • Afterword - The Value of Recovery Stories

ISBN: 9781856424202