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School Nurse Survival Guide: Common Questions and Answers for the School Nurse

This book offers essential guidance and practical advice to school nurses working in the community. It presents the basic role and responsibilities of the school nurse and gives clear advice on handling situations that can arise during work.

Benefitting from the reflections of newly-qualified school nurses looking back over their first year in the role, this text provides relevant and contextual advice to those who are embarking on a career as a school nurse. The clear question and answer format makes this title perfect as a quick on-the-job reference.


Nursing, school nursing, community nursing, child health, paediatric healthcare.


Community and school nurses, students, trainees

Table of contents

Chapter 1

Working in the community

Adjusting to the community model of nursing

The public health role

Skill mix

Working independently and developing autonomy

Building relationships with schools

Working in teams

Developing leadership qualities

Referral routes

A day in the life of a school nurse

Chapter 2

Essential skills for school nurses

Teaching Counselling skills

Using assessment skills

Clinical skills (immunisations)

Leadership skills (nurse led clinics, e.g. enuresis)

Communication (young people, parents, teachers, other professionals)


Chapter 3

Dealing with difficult issues

Child protection

Children in need

Loss and bereavement

Teenage depression

Self harming behaviour

Eating disorders

Case studies

Chapter 4

The school nurse role in PSHE

Teaching in primary and secondary schools

Promoting health Sexual health

Smoking, alcohol and drugs education

Nutrition Barriers

Chapter 5

Setting up and running a drop in

Talking to schools and governors

Engaging other agencies; working together

Auditing processes

Training staff

Considering place and time; what is the most successful?

Responding to need

Chapter 6

Coping with change

Being flexible

The political agenda

Promoting the role with schools and the public

Using evidence based practice

Coping with public health campaigns such as HPV and the child measurement programme

ISBN: 9781856424226