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Suicide and Self Harm: Patient Care and Management

This text is essential reading for anyone working with suicidal patients. It covers the biological, genetic, psychological and sociological processes related to suicidal behaviour. It also presents practical assessments, strategies and treatments for suicidal individuals. Interventions for prevention at local and national levels are also reviewed.

This comprehensive handbook is packed full with contributions from internationally respected experts in the field, providing this text with a truly international perspective and unique multidisciplinary approach. Practical and clinical content combine to ensure that this reference guide covers the foundational content that general mental health practioners require.


Mental health, nursing


Psychiatric nurses of all levels, general nurses, social workers, mental health care workers, GPs and students studying to work in all of these areas.

About the authors

Dr John Cutcliffe is the author of Critiquing Nursing Research, Quay Books number 1 best-selling title. He holds the 'Acadia Professorship of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing' chair at the University of Maine. John has Published: extensively, and is currently Associate Editor for the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing and Assistant Editor for the International Journal of Nursing Studies.

Dr Jose Santos is President of the Portuguese Suicidology Association.

Scope and contents

  • Introduction to suicide

  • Review of policy positions

  • Separating suicide from self harm

  • Management, care and engagement

  • Assessment of suicide risk

  • Assessment of self harm

  • Inspiration of hope

  • Pharmacological interventions

  • Talking therapies

  • Post-discharge interventions and follow-up

  • Information for family and friends

  • Case studies and examples

  • Future research

ISBN: 9781856424332