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The Complete Guide to Precision Reflexology 2nd Edition

This second edition is the only book on the market to present the unique technique of Precision Reflexology, which focuses on stimulating; reflex points; on the feet to maintain good health. Precision work connects to a person energetically, responds to the needs of each individual and aims to maintain a natural balance. It can be taught in its own right but it also offers a distinctive; linking; technique, which can be adapted to enhance all forms of reflexology. It provides an added dimension to a treatment and reflects an Eastern approach to healthcare.

This new edition provides a complete guide on precision reflexology; from an introduction to the basic technique through to advanced work which offers a unique approach to the therapy. The new chapter on advanced techniques also includes programmes of self-help that involve each recipient totally with their own health care. These are based on a style of working that involves foot massage and precision techniques and aim to establish a sense of homeostasis These advanced techniques have been developed since the first edition was Published: to offer a powerful and effective way of working without using strong physical pressure.

This book has been redesigned with a new user-friendly format. Illustrations and charts present a step-by-step guide with precise points to target, and photos have been updated throughout making it even easier to follow.


Students and practitioners will find this an invaluable resource.

About the author

Jan Williamson is a consultant reflexologist, nutritional therapist and yoga teacher. She is the Director of the School of Precision Reflexology based in Devon, U.K. She teaches regularly both in the UK and internationally.

Table of contents




Introduction to the Second Edition

Chapter 1 Reflexology

Chapter 2 Precision Reflexology

Chapter 3 Balance and harmony

Chapter 4 Framework

Chapter 5 Movement

Chapter 6 Communication

Chapter 7 Fuel

Chapter 8 Vital energy

Chapter 9 Nourishment

Chapter 10 Reproduction

Chapter 11 Protection

Chapter 12 Sensations

Chapter 13 Precision Reflexology procedures and charts

Chapter 14 Complete holistic healthcare

Chapter 15 Precision Reflexology: A complementary therapy

Chapter 16 The unseen Advanced precision reflexology

Index 95

ISBN: 9781856424103