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Trends in Wound Care Volume V

Published: February 2009

List of contributors

Foreword Richard J White

A point prevalence survey of wounds in North East England N Srinivasaiah, H Dugdall, S Barrett and PJ Drew

A review of current objective and subjective scar assessment tools D Q A Nguyen, T Potokar and P Price

Evaluation of pH measurement as a method of wound assessment V K Shukla, D Shukla, S K Tiwary, S Agrawal and A Rastogi

The potential effect of fibroblast senescence on wound healing and the chronic wound environment E A Henderson

Nitric oxide restores impaired healing in normoglycaemic diabetic rats M Bongartz, S Fischer, B Proksch and R Viebahn

An overview of the two widely accepted, but contradictory, theories on wound contraction S Pellard

A study of biofilm-based wound management in subjects with critical limb ischaemia R D Wolcott and D D Rhoads

Bacterial profiling using skin grafting, standard culture and molecular bacteriological methods A Andersen, KE Hill, P Stephens, DW Thomas, B Jorgensen and KA Krogfelt

The influence of essential oils on the process of wound healing: a review of the current evidence A C Woollard, K C Tatham and S Barker

Can translocated bacteria reduce wound infection? V I Nikitenko

Efficacy of TNP on lower limb wounds: A meta-analysis U Sadat, G Chang, A Noorani, S R Walsh, P D Hayes and K Varty


ISBN: 9781856423748