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Fundamental Aspects of Long Term Conditions

List of contents


Foreword Dr John Fowler


Chapter 1 Long-term conditions in context

Chapter 2Diabetes;

Chapter 3Heart failure;

Chapter 4 Stroke

Chapter 5 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;

Chapter 6 Rheumatoid arthritis

Chapter 7 Parkinson's disease;

Chapter 8 Living with a frayed brain: a patient perspective

Chapter 9 Living with MS and stroke: a carer's perspective

Chapter 10 Dementia

Chapter 11 Severe and enduring mental illness;

Chapter 12 The weigh forward

Chapter 13 Problem alcohol use

Chapter 14 Palliative care

Chapter 15 Collaborative working

Chapter 16 Using technology to manage health care;


ISBN: 9781856423922