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Research Skills for Nurses and Midwives

Nursing and Midwifery research

Application of evidence to health care practice

Development of research skills for nurses and midwives

This book aims to provide nurses and midwives with a sound theoretical knowledge base for understanding, critically appraising and undertaking research in all areas of health service provision. A comprehensive insight is provided into philosophies, methodologies and methods relevant to health care, using examples from both professions. This new edition is expanded, more detailed and includes a new chapter which offers a how to do' section, which nurses and midwives, beginning to engage with research for the first time, will enjoy and find useful.

Scope and contents

The book covers the main sources of research and evidence which nurses and midwives use to develop their practice. The two main headings explore qualitative and quantitative research in depth, avoiding jargon, but building in many examples to illustrate the topics. In addition, the application of other forms of evidence is addressed, as is the role of mixed methods designs. Not only does the book encourage nurses and midwives to develop their research and evidence skills, by the time the reader has completed it, they will have the knowledge and skills to conduct their own small scale research projects.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Understanding the language of research

Chapter 2 - Qualitative research: an overview of methods

Chapter 3 - Qualitative research: data collection and analysis

Chapter 4 - Qualitative research: quality and ethics

Chapter 5 - Quantitative research: experiments

Chapter 6 - Quantitative research: surveys

Chapter 7 - Quantitative research: data analysis

Chapter 8 - Other strategies and evidence

Chapter 9 - How to do research in the real world



About the Authors

Professor Sue Dyson is a nurse and midwife by professional background, having worked for 10 years in professional practice. Since 1994 Sue has been in higher education, formerly as a lecturer in nurse education, and latterly as Head of Research for Nursing and Midwifery and Reader in Nurse Education at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom. She has recently been appointed Professor of Nursing at Middlesex University.

Dr Peter Norrie has a background in biological sciences and worked in acute and critical nursing for 10 years. He is currently employed as a Principal Lecturer in Nursing and Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University in Leicester. Peter has a passion for quantitative research which has led him to explore and teach aspects of evidence based practice to a range of nurses and other allied health practitioners, as well as leading a number of funded research projects.


Research Skills, Nurses, Midwives


This book is designed to be a valuable source for all undergraduate nursing and midwifery degree programmes, at both pre and post registration levels.

ISBN: 9781856425032